Redefining Urban Mobility

A new EY report, Urban Mobility Redefined, finds the lines blurring among such shared transportation alternatives as car-sharing, ride-sharing and other non-traditional modes of personal transportation.

Tesla's Vision: More EVs, Automated Buses, Advanced Solar Storage

July 21, 2016

CEO Elon Musk says the phase-two business plan for Tesla Motors Inc. calls for a broad expansion of the company’s electric-vehicle lineup, more advanced self-driving capabilities and the debut of a fully integrated home solar energy storage system.

Uber Tops 2 Billion Rides

July 19, 2016

Uber Technologies Inc. says it has surpassed 2 million cumulative rides worldwide since launching its ride-hailing service six years ago.

Tesla Autopilot Feature Was Turned Off in Pa. Crash

July 15, 2016

Tesla Motors Inc. says the onboard vehicle log for a Model X electric crossover that crashed in Pennsylvania two week ago shows the car’s Autopilot driver-assist feature was turned off at the time of the rollover.

Ford Invests in 3-D Mapping Start-Up

July 15, 2016

Ford Motor Co. has joined four other investors to provide nearly $7 million in seed money for Albany, Calif.-based startup Civil Maps.