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  • ITS America ITS Names CEO
    April 28, 2015

    The Intelligent Transportation Society of America has chosen Regina Hopper as president and CEO, effective May 18. Hopper is former president and CEO of America’s Natural Gas Alliance. Previous assignments...[read more]

  • Vehicles may one day be able to anticipate their drivers’ actions, according to researchers at Cornell University. The scientists say the technology they are developing is so far about 77%...[read more]

  • Toyota Motor Corp. is partnering with Chulalongkorn University on a $3.3 million traffic and congestion management project in Bangkok. The automaker proposes to enhance safety and efficiency of travel in...[read more]

  • NASA has unveiled a prototype electric car that can drive sideways and literally turn on a dime. The 2,000-lb earthbound Modular Robotic Vehicle was developed at the Johnson Space Center...[read more]

  • Plans to launch the BlueIndy car-share service in Indianapolis with 1,000 electric cars and 250 charging stations have stalled over funding problems, the Indianapolis Star reports. France’s Bollore Group announced...[read more]

  • Gogoro Inc. is testing an innovative electric scooter and subscription-based battery pack swap service in Taiwan. The 4-year-old, $150 million startup was launched in Taiwan by former executives of Taiwanese...[read more]

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  • Carmakers in Europe have made major advancements in recent years in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions from their cars. But the gain as measured by the New European Driving Cycle test increasingly...[read more]

  • This 317-page report issued in August 2014 by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration presents the agency’s detailed analysis about the viability and challenges of vehicle-to-vehicle communications system to improve...[read more]

  • This comprehensive analysis from the U.S. Energy Information Administration offers projections of America’s energy supply, demand and pricing through 2040. The 258-page report’s four-page executive summary predicts that 2% annual...[read more]

  • A dozen authorities in the connected-car market offer their perspectives on the future of connectivity in this 34-page report from Telefonica, the Spanish telecommunications giant. An executive summary identifies 10...[read more]

  • Developments during 2013 in the U.S. intercity bus industry are summarized in this 17-page report from DePaul University’s Chicago-based Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development. The analysis says a one-way intercity...[read more]

  • By 2050, urban dwellers will account for 86% of the population of developed regions and 64% of that in less-developed regions, according to this 2011 update from the Population Division...[read more]

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  • In this column that originally appeared in Automotive Design & Production magazine, Mobility Designer Dan Sturges comments on how expanding mobility services may give vehicle designers a new type of...[read more]

  • Turning the potential of truly intelligent vehicles into reality means a fundamental change in the way carmakers and their suppliers interact, says Sam LaMagna, Director of Advanced Driving Technologies in...[read more]

  • Innovation at Magna International Inc. focuses on advances that make cars cleaner, safer and lighter. The company spends 20%-30% of its research and development budget on game-changer technologies, including those...[read more]

  • This 56-page document from the Canadian Urban Institute and Moving the Economy is a primer on the processes and technology surrounding the movement of goods in urban areas. The report...[read more]

  • Fast-changing events across the automotive ecosystem are impacting the operating environment, customer preferences, competition and supply chain. EY’s Global Automotive Center has identified eight megatrends that will affect the industry...[read more]

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