Alliance to Write Guidelines for Over-the-Air Software Updates

The newly formed eSync Alliance aims to create industry guidelines for over-the-air (OTA) software upgrades and diagnostic tools to speed the development and reduce security risks for connected vehicles.

The initiative is led by Excelfore Corp., a Fremont, Calif-based provider of cloud-computing platforms and connected vehicle applications. Other charter members are Alpine Electronics and Molex, which bought a 20% stake in Excelfore earlier this year.

The goal is to develop interoperable OTA, telematics and diagnostic-data systems for next-generation electronic components. Excelfore notes that carmakers currently use proprietary OTA systems.

Alliance members will be able to brand their systems as eSync-compliant if they meet program requirements. A standardized system will ensure a common OTA data path for various in-vehicle electronic devices to help streamline integration and testing, according to Excelfore.