Chinese Electric-Truck Maker Adds U.S. Partner

China’s FDG Electric Vehicles Ltd. has begun delivering electric-powered medium-duty trucks to Los Angeles-based Chanje Energy Inc., which will market them in the U.S. and other regions.

Chanje, which is partly owned by FDG, says it already has orders for its V8070 electric panel van, with customer deliveries to begin next month. The company initially is importing the vehicles from China, where FDG sells them under its Changing brand. FDG also makes Yunnan-badged electric buses in China.

In the future, Chanje aims to important kits from China and assemble them in the U.S. The company says it is evaluating potential sites in western states and wants to eventually add other facilities in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.

The 26-ft V8070 features a unibody architecture and is powered by a pair of hub-mounted electric motors at the rear wheels. A 70-kWh lithium-ion battery provides a 100-mile electric range, according to Chanje.

The truck has 580-cu-ft of cargo space and a 6,000-lb payload capacity, which is supported by dual rear wheels on each side. Interior amenities include a large touchscreen infotainment system and car-like fit and finish, Chanje says.

Telematic features can provide fleet managers with real-time data for route and energy optimization, driver profile studies and emissions calculation. Over-the-air software updates also will be available.

Chanje hopes to eventually market an array of FDG’s electric trucks and shuttle buses. The company, which was reformed out of the defunct Smith Electric Vehicle Ltd., is led by CEO Bryan Hansel and several former executives from Tesla, Faraday Future and traditional carmakers.

FDG has sold a couple of thousand electric trucks and buses in China. The company also makes its own battery cells and packs.