Gentex Expands Toll Payment System Across N. America

Zeeland, Mich.-based Gentex Corp. has begun offering its Integrated Toll Module (ITM) in Canada and Mexico in addition to the U.S., where the system was launched last year.

Using a universal transponder, the automated payment system allows vehicles to pass through tolls throughout North America without requiring multiple windshield tags and accounts for different regions and countries. The technology, which was developed by Nashville, Tenn.-based TransCore, is integrated into Gentex’s electronic interior rearview mirror.

Carmakers can combine ITM account registration, payments and functional settings with existing vehicle-integrated telematics services, according to Gentex. The system also can be used for future vehicle-to-infrastructure communication applications.

Gentex signed an exclusive licensing agreement with TransCore in early 2016. TransCore, which is a subsidiary of Roper Technologies Inc., has sold about 88 million toll tags.