Intel/Mobileye to Launch Fleet of Autonomous Test Vehicles

Chipmaker Intel Corp. and its new Mobileye unit plan to launch a fleet of test vehicles capable of SAE level 4 autonomous driving.

The first vehicles will be deployed later this year, with the fleet eventually growing to more than 100 cars and trucks for testing in the U.S., Europe and Israel, Intel says. The fleet will include multiple car brands and vehicle types to demonstrate the technology’s flexibility.

The test vehicles will combine Mobileye’s computer vision, sensing, fusion, mapping and control algorithms with Intel’s open platforms and expertise in data center and 5G communication technologies. The companies describe the integrated approach as a “car-to-cloud” system.

The vehicles will be used to collect data and validate and refine autonomous vehicle technologies under various operating conditions. In addition to their own testing, Intel and Mobileye will work closely with carmakers and regulators to commercialize the technologies.

Earlier this week Intel completed its $15 billion tender offer to buy a majority stake in Israeli imaging technology developer Mobileye NV. Mobileye claims its technology is used in about 70% of current driver assist systems globally.