Renesas Supplies Chip for Nissan’s Automated Parking Tech

Renesas Electronics Corp. says its R-Car system-on-chip and RH850 microcontroller are the brains behind Nissan Motor Co.’s ProPilot Park system that will debut in select markets in the all-new 2018 Leaf electric car.

Renesas’ parallel image processor takes high-resolution images from CMOS digital cameras to identify nearby parking spaces and verify there are no obstacles. Drivers select an available spot via a dashboard touchscreen and can adjust where they want a vehicle positioned in a spot by pressing directional buttons as needed.

The R-Car chip then transmits control commands to the appropriate vehicle systems for acceleration, braking, steering and shifting. This allows ProPilot to maneuver a vehicle into a parallel or perpendicular parking spot, executing as many as seven turning sequences.

Nissan unveiled the new Leaf earlier this week. Sales will start next month in Japan, followed by launches in Europe and the U.S. earlier next year. ProPilot Park won’t be available at launch in the U.S., although other ProPilot Assist systems that allow semi-autonomous driving features will be.