Connecting and Transforming the Future of Transportation

It is becoming universally clear that the most commonly pursued solutions don't fully address urban transportation's increasingly complex human, physical, and political context.

This report by the University of Michigan's SMART project is about the next generation of urban transportation: connecting transportation modes, services, and technologies, bringing diverse innovations together in ways that favour accessibility (meeting needs) over mobility (moving for the sake of moving), and that work significantly better for people, economies, and the planet.

Transportation is not simply one mode that moves a person or a good from A to B. It is a "system of systems" connecting modes, services, technologies and designs according to the best option for a specific purpose.

In this way transportation systems are beginning to interact much like our now ubiquitous and customized portfolios of "plug-and-play" telecommunications technologies that connect desktop with laptop with printer with camera with the Internet and more.

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