How Much Range Do EVs Really Need?

When polled, U.S. consumers say they would consider an electric vehicle only if it could travel about 270 miles per charge. Yet the same consumers say they drive an average of only 32 miles per day.

Assessment of Electric Cars' Range Requirements and Usage Patterns assesses actual driving habits of U.S. drivers, including those who own electric vehicles. The 56-page report was authored by Rob van Haaren, a member of Columbia University's Earth and Environmental Engineering Dept. in New York City.

Van Haaren's data-packed study looks at typical driving patterns and notes the effect on EV range of ambient temperature, vehicle speed, usage patterns, impact of air conditioning and other factors often regarding specific EV models. The report summarizes a variety of prior surveys about consumer attitudes and EV usage.

The study says lower-priced and higher-powered batteries are the key to addressing consumer "range anxiety" about EVs even if those fears are largely unrealistic.

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