Merkel to Push for More EV Incentives

Chancellor Angela Merkel says Germany must offer more incentives to reach its goal of putting 1 million electric cars on the road by 2020.

"We see that further subsidies are necessary," she tells reporters in Berlin. In September her cabinet supported a bill that would offer drivers of EVs and certain plug-in hybrids free parking and the right to use bus lanes.

Germany currently has only 24,000 EVs on the road, according to government data. The country also has 4,800 charging stations, but they are not necessarily compatible with all EVs. Germany's transport minister says the government plans to add 400 charging facilities along the autobahn so EV owners can more easily drive across the country.

Industry group VDA says German carmakers have introduced 17 electric models and plan to add 12 more in 2015. But sales have been slow because of high vehicle prices and worries about the relatively short driving range for electrics.