UN World Urbanization Prospects

By 2050, urban dwellers will account for 86% of the population of developed regions and 64% of that in less-developed regions, according to this 2011 update from the Population Division of the United Nations' Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs.

The UN report says that by 2025 nearly half the world's population will live in cities with populations of at least 1 million people. The number of cities with 10 million or more inhabitants, which jumped from two in 1970 to 23 in 2011, will reach 37 by 2025.

Slightly more than half the world's urban population today resides in Asia, compared with 15% for Europe, 13% in Latin America, 11% in Africa and 8% in North America. By 2050, those ratios will nearly double for Africa, increase slightly in Asia and decline in all other major regions, according to the analysis.

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