Apple Developing Smart Headlight Tech


Apple Inc. has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for improved object detection and targeted headlight illumination.

Called a "System and Method for Light and Image Projection," the technology would use an array of sensors to analyze a vehicle’s environment and identify potential obstacles.


So-called “items of interest” would be highlighted in the vehicle’s headlights, possibly including an “illuminated indicator” to show a moving object’s expected path.

The patent also describes how the system could use varying degrees of light to make it easier for drivers to see the upcoming road and objects. Noting that some objects reflect more light than others and that weather and other factors can affect how objects are lit, Apple says its system could use multiple levels of illumination to control contrasts and more evenly light a scene.

Information and alerts could be overlaid in a vehicle’s head-up display unit. Pedestrians also could be displayed in outline form with dots at key body joints to help illustrate movements.