Audi Aims for 800,000 Sales of EVs, Hybrids in 2025

Audi AG hopes to hike annual sales of plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles to 800,000 units—roughly one-third of its overall sales—in 2025.

The unit of Volkswagen AG also says it will introduce 22 such models by then, up from the 20 it mentioned last autumn. The company expects to spend €40 billion ($47 billion) on electrification and autonomous driving systems.

Audi sold about 16,000 hybrid cars last year. The first of its all-electric vehicles, a midsize crossover, will go into production in Belgium later this year.

The company also predicts it will generate a record operating profit of €1 billion ($1.2 billion) by 2025. Audi figures much of the gain will come from new consumer services that tap vehicle data.