BorgWarner Touts Simplified EV Torque Vectoring

BorgWarner Inc. says it has developed a torque vectoring system for electric vehicles that requires only one electric motor rather than two.

The supplier plans to launch production of the system in 2022 for an unspecified carmaker.


Mounted to the rear axle, the electric motor uses a dual-clutch (inner and outer) device in place of a differential in the electric driveline. Each clutch is teamed with a reversible actuator to improve traction and steering response by transferring as much as 1,900 lb-ft of torque per clutch as needed to the left and right rear wheels.

Eliminating an electric motor reduces weight and costs in a torque vectoring system, BorgWarner notes. The design also enables greater packaging flexibility.

In all-wheel-drive vehicles that use a separate motor to power the front wheels, the rear unit can be automatically turned off when it isn’t needed. This minimizes energy losses and boosts driving range.