Byton Goes Big with 48-Inch Interior Display

Future Mobility Corp.’s Byton unit unveiled an updated prototype of its upcoming M-Byte electric crossover vehicle at this week’s CES electronics show in Las Vegas.

The latest model highlights the vehicle’s interior displays, including a 48-inch unit that spans nearly the complete breadth of the dashboard. The so-called “shared experience display” is divided into three sections: driver information—including images from three rearview cameras—navigation and multimedia playback for front-seat passengers.

Byton says the display has been reinforced to resist shattering during accidents. The brightness the display automatically adjusts to lighting conditions, and background colors can be customized to a user’s preference.

Drivers can access information on the display via a seven-inch touchpad mounted in the steering wheel above the airbag module. There’s also an eight-inch touchscreen in the center console for front-seat passengers and two infotainment displays on the backs of the front seats for use by rear passengers.

Byton says the car will include a voice-activation system for Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant and certain other controls. Facial recognition will be used to customize vehicle features for multiple drivers and passengers.

Some vehicle functions, such as gear selection and hazard slights, are activated with physical buttons and switches. 

Byton also plans to equip the vehicle with Level 3 semi-autonomous driving capability. In autonomous driving mode, the front seats will be able to rotate 90° to face each other, which the company says will be the first for a production vehicle.

Byton plans to offer two electric powertrain options, with the top-level package generating 470 hp and providing a 330-mile range.

The company aims to launch sales of the crossover in China by the end of 2019, then spread to the U.S. and Europe in 2020. Pricing is expected to start at about $45,000 in the U.S.