Cadillac Tops Consumer Reports Automated Vehicle Ratings

In its first ratings of partially automated driving systems, Consumer Reports judged Cadillac’s Super Cruise technology to be the best available in the U.S.

CR tested four systems on a private track and public roads in Connecticut. Tesla’s Autopilot system finished second in the ratings, followed by Nissan’s ProPilot Assist. Volvo’s Pilot Assist finished last.

The systems were evaluated on capability and performance, ease of use, safety warnings, driver engagement and ability to handle an unresponsive driver.

Super Cruise was praised for balancing high-tech capabilities with safe operation. The system, which can be engaged only on divided highways previously mapped by General Motors Co., uses cameras to monitor the driver's eyes to ensure he or she is paying attention to the road.

Tesla’s Autopilot had the highest capability/performance and ease of use ratings, but it was the worst in drive engagement. Although the system can be used on curvy roads with poor lane markings, CR says it tends to operate “erratically” in those situations.

Super Cruise was tested on the Cadillac CT6, while Autopilot was tested on the Model 3, Model X and Model S. CR evaluated ProPilot Assist on the Nissan Leaf and Infiniti QX50, and Pilot Assist on the Volvo XC40 and XC60.