Cadillac Will Halt, Relaunch Subscription Plan

General Motors Co.’s Cadillac brand confirms it will suspend its “Book by Cadillac” subscription service on Dec. 1, then relaunch a revised version of the program a few months later.

The experimental service in the U.S. launched in March 2017. The plan offers participants on-demand access to a variety of models in Caddy’s lineup for a fee of $1,800 per month, including insurance, routine maintenance and vehicle detailing. Subscribers can swap vehicles as many as 18 times per year and drive them for as many as 2,000 miles per month.

But sources tell The Wall Street Journal some aspects of the scheme were more expensive than expected. Back-end technical snags, for example, have complicated management of the service. And the logistics of cleaning and delivering cars within 24 hours of a customer’s request proved time-consuming and costly.

Cadillac insists it is revamping rather than scrapping the program. The service has been offered in Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City.