Colorado Sets Zero-Emission-Vehicle Sales Targets

The state of Colorado is adopting policies similar to those in California that will require carmakers to meet sales quotas for zero-emission vehicles beginning in 2022.

The plan adds to low-emission standards, also inspired by California, that were enacted by the state in mid-November and also scheduled to take effect three years from now.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has directed state departments to propose a ZEV rule by May. Ten other states already impose similar requirements.

In California, carmakers earn credits for battery-electric or fuel cell-powered vehicles depending on each model’s performance. To avoid fines, they must ensure that 8% or more of their total passenger vehicle sales are electric-powered by 2025.

The Colorado Automobile Dealers Assn. opposes both measures. The lobbying group declares that the state’s consumers “do not need the government telling them what vehicles they should buy.”