Conti Invests in German AI Modeling Startup

Continental AG is making an unspecified investment in Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) GmbH, which develops AI-based simulation software.

As part of the agreement, the companies are collaborating to create modeling systems for advanced-driver-assistance and automated-driving technologies. The partners aim to create a real-world replica that simulates all road user and environmental factors.

Founded in early 2017, Germany-based AAI develops virtual environments based on high-definition maps and road user data. The information will be teamed with Continental’s advanced sensor systems and other technologies.

The simulation software will be used to supplement real-world testing to help reduce development time. Conti notes that virtual systems can conduct as much as 5,000 miles of testing per hour, compared with about 6,500 miles per month with physical prototypes.

Virtual testing also is safer and cheaper, the partners claim. In addition, more variables can be tested, and results can be recorded to allow engineers to review incident replays.

AAI’s software will allow for testing under various weather and road conditions, including simulating potholes and other infrastructure variables. Three driver profiles will be used: defensive, moderate and aggressive.