Fujitsu, Ford Partner on Connectivity

Fujitsu Ltd. and Ford Motor Co.’s Autonomic subsidiary are teaming to enhance the processing capability of Autonomic’s Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC) platform for vehicle-to-everything communications.

The platform eventually will be used in all future Ford and Lincoln vehicles worldwide. Using Fujitsu’s sales network, the partners also plan to market the technology to other carmakers.

Last month, Autonomic announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services, which will power TMC. Autonomic also plans to use the open platform to work with independent software vendors and system integrators on cloud-based connected vehicle technologies.

Autonomic envisions its platform being used for various V2X applications, including autonomous driving systems and ride-hailing services. Such new mobility systems require accessing, sharing and processing large amounts of data quickly.

Fujitsu’s Dracena (dynamically reconfigurable asynchronous consistent event-processing architecture) can continuously process and adapt to changing inputs of large data streams, according to the partners.