Geely to Launch 5G Connected Cars in 2021

China’s Geely Automobile Holding Co. says it will offer vehicle-to-everything communications in production vehicles starting in 2021.

The systems will use fifth-generation (5G) cellular technology, which is just starting to become available in consumer applications. Geely is partnering on the technology with Qualcomm Technologies Inc., which will supply its Snapdragon 5G platform, and China-based Gosuncn Group.

Geely expects cellular-based V2X (C-V2X) will be a key enabling technology for future autonomous vehicle systems. The 2021 vehicles with C-V2X will be capable of Level 3 autonomy, according to the carmaker. Geely current offers Level 2 systems in select models.

The carmaker estimates there will be as many as 10,000 5G base stations worldwide by 2020. Qualcomm also is working with several other carmakers on 5G systems. Last month, Ford announced plans to work with Qualcomm to equip all its vehicles in the U.S. with 5G-based V2X systems starting in 2022.