Germany Vows Stronger Push for EVs

Bill Hampton

Germany is backing a scheme to hike sales incentives on electric cars by 50% to as much as €6,000 ($6,700).

The government will continue to pay half the payout, with carmakers contributing the balance. Industry group VDA estimates the increased funding will generate at least 650,000 more EV sales in Germany.

The plan also would help fund an increase in the number of charging points in Germany to 50,000 by the end of 2021. VDA says carmakers would help pay for 15,000 of the installations.

The program was approved last night by a meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel and representatives from carmakers, parts suppliers and labor unions.

The EV scheme is part of a broader, €60 billion ($67 billion) environmental package rolled out by the Merkel government to demonstrate its support for environmental issues. Critics have condemned the effort as insufficient to deal with what they consider a clime change emergency.