GM to Expand Super Cruise System to All Models

General Motors Co. plans to offer its Super Cruise semiautonomous driving technology across its Cadillac lineup in 2020 and expand availability to other brands in following years.

Cadillac launched the technology last autumn as a standard feature on its flagship CT6 luxury sedan. The hands-free, semiautonomous system can accelerate, brake and steer a car within a driving lane without operator input under certain highway conditions.

Super Cruise uses high-definition GPS and an array of cameras, radar and lidar sensors to track the vehicle’s position. Unlike other semi-autonomous systems on the market, Super Cruise also employs an interior camera monitor to ensure that the driver is always ready to resume control.

GM says it also will offer vehicle-to-everything communications in a Cadillac crossover by 2023. The V2X system will be capable of sharing information with other vehicles, the infrastructure, pedestrians and bicyclists.

GM launched a vehicle-to-vehicle system last year in the 2017 Cadillac CTS sedan. The technology allows the CTS to communicate with other V2V-enabled vehicles and alert them about upcoming traffic and road conditions.