Hyundai Mobis, KT Test 5G Tech

Hyundai Mobis Co. is partnering with KT Corp. to develop and test 5G cellular-based vehicle-to-everything applications in South Korea.

KT, Korea’s largest mobile service provider, installed a 5G network at Hyundai Mobis’ Seosan proving grounds. The fifth-generation cellular technology allows large amounts of data to be shared in real time among vehicles, pedestrians, the infrastructure and third-party partners.

Current 4G network-based navigation programs can take several minutes or more to update maps and recalculate routes based on traffic flow. A 5G network, which is 100 times faster, can do the same in a few seconds, according to the partners.

Hyundai Mobis is developing a technology that collects traffic information through the various sensors of its M.Billy prototype autonomous vehicle. Relevant data is transmitted to a cloud server and then to other vehicles. Hyundai Mobis will oversee the control system installed in vehicles.


KT provides the connection between the 5G terminals in M.Billy and the 5G base stations. The telecom giant also is developing technology that integrates real-time traffic information with infrastructure data from Korea Expressway Corp. to alert vehicles about the status of traffic lights, upcoming sharp curves and other potential road hazards.

Last November KT began testing 5G technology in a self-driving bus at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport. The company also partnered with Hyundai Motor Co. to test 5G communications on three self-driving fuel cell-powered vehicles.