London Maps Biking Infrastructure

London has created a route planning and parking database for bicycle users.

Described as the largest collection of its kind in the world, the database maps 1,250 miles of cycle lanes and 146,000 public parking spots throughout the city. The online catalog—available via a smartphone app—also contains more than 480,000 photographs of London’s cycling infrastructure to help users identify routes, left turn lanes, landmarks and parking areas.


To create the database, London’s transportation department surveyed every street in every city borough. The goal is to make bicycling easier, more accessible and safer, according to city officials.

City planners, businesses and other third-party groups also can access the database to further improve the cycling infrastructure and develop new apps.

London says it is on pace to triple the size of its cycling infrastructure by next year compared with 2016. By 2024, the city aims to expand cycling paths so that 28% of the population is living within 400 meters (about one-quarter mile) of a dedicated bike lane, compared with 9% today. London also is investing £2.5m ($3 million) to add more bicycle parking.

Last year, bicyclists pedaled nearly 2.5 million miles in London.