London Startup Launches Electric City Car

London-based electric vehicle startup Space Options Ltd. is launching its range of all-electric “Me” quadricycles under the company’s Siticars brand.

The micro vehicles, which are about 88 inches long and 50 inches wide, are available in city car, pickup truck and box van configurations. Pricing starts at £8,000 ($10,300) for models equipped with a lead-acid battery and £12,000 ($14,900) for those with lithium-ion power.

The vehicles have a top-speed of about 50 mph and are not allowed on highways. The 72-volt lithium-ion battery provides a 93-mile range and can be fully recharged from a standard household power outlet in about five hours, according to the carmaker.

The EVs qualify for parking discounts in London and are exempt from the city’s usage restrictions, including congestion fees. Standard features include air conditioning, LED running lights, a rearview camera for parking, electrically assisted rear door, Bluetooth connectivity and a panoramic roof.

Siticars says it has capacity to build 1,000 vehicles per month. The company currently is selling about 50 units per month.