Lyft Readies More Affordable Subscription Service

Lyft Inc. is introducing a revamped subscription service to replace its pricey All-Access Plan that offers discounts and other perks to frequent riders.


All-Access, which launched last year, cost $299 per month and gave members 30 free rides per month (as long as they were each under $15 each).

Rival Uber Technologies Inc. drastically undercut Lyft’s program with its own Ride Pass plan. Now being tested in select markets, it charges $15-$25 per month for 15% discounts per trip and complementary bike rentals.

The new Lyft Pink, which costs $20 a month, also provides 15% discount on all rides. In addition, members qualify for three free 30-minute bike or scooter rides per month, get priority status for airport pickups and won’t be charged for canceling rides or having lost items returned.