Lyft Tests Car Rental Program

Lyft Inc. has begun testing a car rental option to supplement the company’s core ride-hailing services, Engadget reports.

A pilot program in San Francisco enables select Lyft customers to rent vehicles for periods ranging from one day to two weeks. The test could be expanded to other markets later this year.

Pricing starts at $60 per day for a sedan and about $100 for an SUV. Users can apply a $20 credit toward a traditional Lyft ride to pick up the rental car.

The rental vehicles are new models rather than vehicles owned by Lyft drivers. There are no mileage restrictions, and users can request free upgrades, such as bike racks and tire chains.

Rival Uber Technologies Inc. briefly offered a similar service last year before discontinuing it in November. Uber partnered with car-sharing specialist Getaround Inc. on its program. When the test ended, Uber indicated it may eventually re-launch the rental service—possibly in partnership with Neutron Holdings Inc.’s Lime bike-sharing business, but it didn’t provide details.