Microsoft Connectivity Tech to Debut Later this Year

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance will launch the first applications of Microsoft Corp.’s cloud-based connectivity vehicle technology later this year.

The rollout will start with Nissan’s Leaf electric sedan (Japan and Europe), and Renault’s Clio compact car (Europe). Other markets and models will be added later, with virtually all of the three alliance partners’ new models offering connectivity services by 2022.


The system, which runs on Microsoft’s Azure platform, supports multiple operating systems, programming languages and tools. The technology promises to enable a variety of vehicle-to-everything communication features and help create databases for next-generation autonomous vehicles.  

Potential applications include streaming infotainment, real-time navigation, over-the-air software updates, digital personal assistants and access to third-party telematics services. The technology also could enable remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Renault-Nissan announced the Microsoft partnership in 2016, prior to Mitsubishi joining their alliance. Microsoft also has development programs with BMW, Volvo and Volkswagen.