Natural Gas Could Power 50% of India’s New Cars by 2030

A government proposal to install 10,000 compressed natural gas stations across India by 2030 could drive sales of CNG-fueled cars to 50% of the market, according to a Nomura Research Institute analysis.

A related step by Indian regulators also aims to push the availability of CNG to an additional 124 districts in the country, The Economic Times reports.

India currently has 1,400 CNG stations. Nomura estimates that expanding the country’s infrastructure for natural gas fuel to 10,000 outlets would slash India’s spending on imported oil by 11 trillion rupees ($154 billion) by 2030.

ET notes that Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai are India’s main sellers of CNG vehicles today. Demand for CNG-fueled vehicles soared 50% to 55,000 units in April-September, according to the newspaper.