Next-Gen Renault Zoe Built for Sharing

Renault SA plans to offer built-in car-sharing software in its next-generation Zoe supermini electric car, which is due to bow early next decade.

The technology, supplied by France’s Vulog SA, enables participating users to locate available cars online or through a smartphone app. As with other car-sharing services, customers will be able to unlock and pay for using a vehicle via their smartphone.

Renault previously has placed 6,100 EVs in third-party car-sharing fleets across Europe. The carmaker expects an additional 2,500 Zoe EVs will be used for such applications in Europe, South America and the Middle East as part of the new deal with Vulog.

Such schemes increase access to EVs to a broader range of people who otherwise may not be familiar with the technology, Renault tells Autocar. Participating in EV car-sharing fleets also can help carmakers meet future emissions requirements, the company notes.

Vulog says its AiMA (Artificial Intelligence Mobility Applied) platform is used on 11,000 cars by 25 car-sharing programs worldwide. The system is expected to be used to coordinate 25 million rides this year.