Nissan Adds Amazon Alexa Telematics

Nissan Motor Co. is the latest carmaker to add compatibility for’s popular Alexa voice-enabled personal assistant in its vehicles.

Starting later this month, owners of all 2016 and later-model Nissan vehicles in the U.S. equipped with the company’s “NissanConnect Services” can sync their vehicle with Amazon’s home-based Echo speaker units. This will allow them to interact with Alexa, the Amazon equivalent of the iPhone’s Siri system, to remotely start the car, unlock and lock doors, flash the lights and honk the horn.

Prior to voicing a command, users must enter a four-digit security code. In return, Alexa will inform users when a task is completed.

Last August Hyundai Motor Co.’s upscale Genesis brand became the first carmaker to offer Alexa. Since then, BMW, Ford and Mercedes have added the system.