Oslo Taxis Will Get Wireless Charging Tech

As part of a requirement that all new taxis in Oslo to be electric vehicles by 2023, the Norwegian capital will install a network of wireless charging systems.

Momentum Dynamics Inc., a Malvern, Pa.-based developer of wireless charging systems, will work with Norway utility Fortum Corp. on the program. Momentum’s 75-kW induction chargers will be installed in the ground to enable specially equipped taxis to be recharged while waiting in line to pick up passengers.

The project is touted as a world first for electric taxis.

More than 46,000 EVs were sold in Norway last year, making the country Europe’s largest market for the “green” vehicles. In 2017, Norway set a nonbinding goal for all new vehicles to generate zero emissions by 2025. The country already offers a variety of tax incentives and other discounts for EVs.