PSA Goes Free2Move in Seattle

Gary S. Vasilash

As it is the city that’s home to Starbucks—and Amazon and (more or less) Microsoft—it should come as little surprise that as Groupe PSA is working to reestablish itself in the U.S. market through its Free2Move app, it selected Seattle as the place to start.

Free2Move aggregates various transportation options and presents them to the user, showing everything from pricing to type of available vehicles.


At the start in Seattle there are offerings including Car2Go and Zipcar; the plan is to add not only other car-transport options, but bike sharing, as well (e.g., Ofo Bike, Lime Bike and Spin Bike).

PSA is a facilitator in this arrangement.

According to Groupe PSA’s North America President and CEO, Larry Dominique, “The decision to launch a service that helps people move around in the most efficient way underscores our commitment to the future of Groupe PSA. As mobility services evolve and innovate based on the way people think about and consume mobility, bringing Free2Move stateside provides us with a unique way to address consumer demands, as well as a flexible platform to roll out future products.”

The app is available in France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria and Sweden. It is used by 400,000 customers and offers some 30 mobility providers.

Note Dominique’s last phrase: “roll out future products.”

You can be confident that he doesn’t simply mean future smartphone-based services, but PSA vehicles. Yes, they may be part of a mobility offering. And they may also be in a driveway near you.