Siemens Joins VW/Amazon Industrial Cloud

Siemens AG will be the integration partner for the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud platform the carmaker is developing with Amazon Web Services.

Announced earlier this week, the open platform will allow VW to share production data among its 122 global facilities. The network eventually is expected to spread to VW’s 1,500 suppliers at some 30,000 locations.

Siemens will use its MindSphere Internet of Things system to help network the various machinery from different suppliers to the cloud. This will include implementing “edge computing” capabilities, which allows machinery and equipment to process and analyze data directly before sending it to the cloud.

Siemens also will work with VW and the equipment manufacturers to develop new apps that can be accessed by all current and future partners.

VW expects the cloud platform will yield “considerable” productivity gains. Other purported benefits include greater manufacturing flexibility, improved quality and predictive maintenance.