Startup Tests Online Used-Ford Finder in Detroit

Ford Motor Co. is backing a startup in Detroit that is testing an online portal to help shoppers find used cars on local Ford dealer lots.

Dubbed Find Your Ford, the app currently lists inventory from six of the carmaker’s dealerships in metropolitan Detroit. The two founders’ aim is to eventually post all 100,000 used Ford vehicles on U.S. lots on the website.

The app was launched by Ford engineers Arnold Kadiu, 25, and Leda Daehler, 24, (pictured) with backing from Ford X, the carmaker’s business incubator. The duo, who joined Ford to work on electric and autonomous vehicles, say they were inspired by their own difficulty tracking down desired used vehicles. enables a user to browse dealer inventories and “reserve” a car for in-person inspection. Customers would handle a purchase at the dealership.