Survey: Record 20% of Americans Ready to Buy EVs

About 20% of American consumers are ready to make their next vehicle an all-electric model, according to a new AAA survey.

Only 15% of consumers thought that way last year. A big reason for growing interest in electric: less concern about how far an EV can travel per charge. This year, 55% of respondents cite range anxiety as a deterrent to cite that concern, down from 68% in 2017.

Charging time remains a bigger deterrent. Two-thirds of respondents say they wouldn’t tolerate more than 30 minutes of waiting to recharge when they’re out traveling.

High prices also continue to dampen demand for EVs. Such cars represent less than 1% of the U.S. market, in spite of hefty tax incentives that reduce the sticker price.

AAA says rising fuel prices may be helping bolster consumer attitudes about electrics. Average gasoline prices in the U.S. rose last week to their highest level in nearly 3.5 years. The average price yesterday was $2.81, up 46 cents from the same period last year, according to AAA data.