Toyota Debuts Car-Sharing Scheme in Honolulu

Toyota Motor Corp. has introduced a car-sharing service in Honolulu, Hawaii, that operates a fleet of Lexus and Toyota models out of 25 parking stations in the city.

The service is called Hui (“hooey”), which means “group” in Hawaiian. The operation was co-developed by Toyota and Servco Pacific Inc., Toyota’s local distributor and the largest privately held company in the state. The partners began pilot-testing the station-based service last August.

Hui customers reserve, unlock and start a vehicle by using a smartphone app developed by Connected Co. unit. Toyota created Connected two years ago to coordinate the carmaker’s work in vehicle data, machine learning and contextual data services.

The service rents vehicles at rates starting at about $10 per hour or $80 per day. Users must return the vehicle to its original location. The service will complete with traditional taxis and such ride-hailing options as Lyft and Uber.