Toyota to Supply Fuel Cell Trucks and Generators to 7-Eleven Stores in Japan

Next year, 7-Eleven convenience stores in Japan will begin testing the use of fuel cell-powered generators and fuel cell delivery trucks provided by Toyota Motor Corp.

The applications stem from a partnership the companies announced last summer to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lower power consumption at 7-Eleven stores and distribution operations. 7-Eleven aims to increase renewable energy use in stores to 20% and reduce CO2 emissions by 27% by 2030 compared with 2013 levels.

The fuel cell stacks used in the stationary generators and delivery trucks will be adapted from Toyota’s Mirai fuel cell car. The first two 7-Eleven sites to be outfitted with the generators will be recently opened stores in metropolitan Tokyo.


The fuel cell units will produce electricity for store use. The generators will be teamed with solar panels and recycled 10-kWh batteries from Toyota hybrid vehicles. A centralized energy management system will coordinate the various systems to optimize energy usage and efficiency based on supply and demand levels.

Toyota will equip a pair of small delivery trucks with its fuel cell technology. In addition to powering the vehicles, the fuel cells will supply electricity to the trucks’ refrigerator/freezer unit. The trucks also will be able to supply electric power to the stores during emergencies.