Uber Drivers Plan Protest Ahead of IPO

Drivers for ride-hailing provider Uber Technologies plan protests in seven U.S. cities next week ahead of the company’s initial public offering on May 10.

The protests, which are being coordinated by Gig Workers Rising, are expected to include various demonstrations and work stoppages starting at noon. The group demands that Uber and other ride-hailing services pay drivers higher rates and provide employee benefits such as healthcare, paid time off and workers compensation.

Drivers also want clearer protocols on wages, tips, deactivations and how fares are calculated. Uber is in the process of launching a new rewards-type pilot program that will be linked to a driver’s ride bookings and customer satisfaction ratings.

Protests are scheduled in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Drivers in San Francisco plan to demonstrate in front of Uber’s headquarters. The Los Angeles protest could include a day-long strike involving drivers for Uber and rival Lyft Inc.

Uber declined to comment. The company’s estimated IPO value has plunged recently amid skepticism about its profit potential, but analyst still predict Uber could raise as much as $91.5 billion.