VW Installs New Chief for Mobility Services Unit

Volkswagen AG has named Robert Henrich to head its MOIA mobility services unit.

Henrich, previously the unit’s chief operating officer, replaces Ole Harms, who has run MOIA since it was launched in December 2016. Harms will take an unspecified job within the company, according to VW.

Harms was shunted aside over disagreements about MOIA’s growth strategy, according to Bloomberg. It says he has been eager to expand the unit rapidly to become a profitable, top-three contender in mobility services by 2025.

VW created MOIA as a stand-alone company to handle its expanding array of mobility services, including ride-sharing to on-demand ride-pooling. At the time, VW envisioned MOIA—an acronym for “individual mobility for everyone” in German—spreading to 20 cities in Europe.

Moia currently operates in two German cities, Hannover and Hamburg. The unit also offers fleet shuttle services for several companies.