VW Launches EV Car-Sharing Service in Germany

Volkswagen AG has launched its “WeShare” car-sharing program in Berlin with a fleet of 1,500 all-electric Golf small cars.

Some 500 e-Up! electric city cars will be added later this year. VW claims the initiative is the largest ever EV-based car-sharing fleet.

In addition to Berlin, VW plans to expand the service to Hamburg, Prague and other European cities in coming months.

The program allows members to rent EVs by the hour or for extended use. Vehicles can be picked up and left at publicly accessible locations throughout a city. Paris-based Vulog SA provides the software platform that enables scheduling, payments, parking and vehicle access from a user’s smartphone.

Launched in 2006, Vulog has 25 customers worldwide. The list includes the British Columbia Automobile Assn. (Evo), Kia (Wible), PSA (Free2Move) and Sumitomo (Aimo).