VW: No Pure Piston Platforms after 2026

Volkswagen AG says its next generation of gasoline and diesel engines will be its last when they begin to arrive in 2026, Automotive News reports.

All platforms to follow will be carbon dioxide-neutral, meaning they will be propelled by means that don’t involve burning hydrocarbon fuel, Michael Jost, who heads strategy for the VW brand, tells a conference in Germany.

Jost says VW may still offer a few piston-powered models by 2050, but only in markets that lack the infrastructure to recharge electric cars.

Jost reiterates that VW is committed to eliminating CO2 emissions from its vehicles, a goal that dictates a switch to battery- or fuel cell-powered cars. The company has said it will spend €44 billion ($50 billion) over the next five years to offer at least one plug-in hybrid or all-electric iteration of virtually every model made by its 11 car and truck brands by 2030.