VW Readies All-Electric Car-Sharing Service

Volkswagen AG’s VW brand will jump into the car-sharing market next year in Germany and plans to expand to Europe, Asia and North America as early as 2020.

The company joins PSA and Renault, who earlier this week announced plans to launch similar schemes in Paris this autumn.

VW says its all-electric-vehicle service, which will operate under the WE brand, will give users access to cars for everything from trips that take only a few minutes to lengthy vacation travel. The business will be a part of MOIA, the Berlin-based mobility company VW launched in December 2016. In German, MOIA stands for “individual mobility for everyone.”

VW says WE’s on-demand services will be managed by UMI Urban Mobility International GmbH. The VW subsidiary, which is headed by CEO Philip Reth, began operations earlier this year with a team of 30 people.