VW to Test Mobile EV Charging Station

Volkswagen AG has developed a mobile charging station with the capacity to replenish 15 electric vehicles.

The carmaker plans to launch a pilot program to test the unit under real-world conditions in the first half of 2019 near its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. Additional cities will be added next year.

The station’s 360-kWh battery unit can charge an EV to 80% capacity in less than 20 minutes, according to the carmaker. As many as four vehicles can be charged simultaneously from a mix of AC and DC outlets.

When connected to a permanent grid connection, the charging station’s power unit will recharge itself constantly via an alternating current. The mobile charging station also will include the potential to temporarily store electricity generated from solar panels and wind turbines.

VW envisions a wide range of uses for the mobile stations, including being deployed in remote areas and at corporate or campus facilities. City planners also can test the stations at various locations to determine the best spots for permanent charging points.