Waymo, Uber Using Self-Driving Highway Trucks to Haul “Real Cargo”

Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo autonomous driving development unit says it has begun using highway trucks with self-driving capabilities to haul supplies to its data centers in Georgia.

Waymo didn’t say how many trucks it is using, but a photo accompanying its announcement shows two rigs.

The trucks employ the same combination of sensors and software that the company is using in Phoenix to test autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans.

Earlier this week Uber said it has been doing similar tests with autonomous trucks that are hauling unspecified cargo on various Arizona highways. The company envisions fleets of trucks with human operators who handle “hands-on work that only truckers can do,” but which also can drive themselves on long highway hauls.

Uber is operating its trucks through a special shipping-on-demand app called Uber Freight.​​​​​