ZF to Show Autonomous Car in Shanghai

ZF Friedrichshafen AG will unveil a new self-driving demonstration vehicle and updated driver-assist technologies next week at the Shanghai auto show.

Dubbed the coPilot, the car will be capable of semi-autonomous driving in limited situations. They include entering and existing a highway, changing lanes and passing other vehicles.

The car is equipped with a front-facing and four-corner radar array, plus eight cameras. One of the cameras monitors the driver to detect distraction and drowsiness.

Data collected by the sensors is processed by the second-generation ProAI system ZF developed with chipmaker Nvidia Corp. The system is powered by Nvidia’s Drive Xavier platform.

ZF aims to launch its coPilot advanced driver-assistance system in production vehicles in 2021. The supplier describes the technology as a “Level 2+” system for semi-autonomous driving functions.

The system is designed to recognize traffic conditions, sense vehicle handling and monitor the driver, according to ZF. Users can turn driver-assist controls on and off via voice commands. An intelligent navigation feature recognizes repeat routes.

ZF and Nvidia have been working together for several years. In February, the partners announced a Level 4 platform for autonomous vehicles.